Local Healesville Recommendations

  • Recommendations -to see links to some of Healesville's attractions that we like.  This list is a 'work in progress'  we add places that we like as we come across them
  • Emergency and local contacts - useful emergency and contact information for local services

 Property Information

  • House plan - simple layout of the house
  • Property Plan -a map of the Nest showing the positions of the utilities, water, electricity, etc
  • Fire Plan - a house plan of the Nest showing all fire exits
  • WiFi- we don't have WiFi but you may find a connection in town at some cafe's and restaurants

  • Opening the Key Safe - Specific instruction on how to open the key safe once you have the code

Instruction Documents

Click on the following links to see the simplified instructions for the house.  These are provided in hard copy at the house.